Julia Racsko Interaction and Visual Designer

I’m a curious interaction designer. My focus is how our attention and psyche is formed by interaction design and vice versa–I want to live in a world where technology aids emotional intelligence towards ourselves and others, not hinders it.
Asking a long stream of questions starting with 'why' has led me to study interaction design and our relationship with technology at HEAD–Genève, building on a background in graphic design and illustration. I can also listen to you in 4 languages (the others being Italian, French and Hungarian).

My key strengths are: the capacity and drive to uncover the root of the problem and the right question before giving an answer; the ability to switch and mix rational and empathetic thinking and insights; an eye for details in research as well as in visual design; weaving together rationale and storytelling; and experience with working across different domains and languages.

Currently open for new opportunities.

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