About me

I’m a curious interaction designer and teacher assistant with a background in visual design. Coming from Budapest and having lived in Milan, Geneva and now Berlin, I have built a unique point of view from all of these places different attitudes towards designing technology. I'm currently teaching at IronHack.

My key strengths are: the capacity and drive to uncover the root of the problem and the right question before giving an answer; the ability to switch and mix rational and empathetic thinking and insights; an eye for details in research as well as in visual design; weaving together rationale and storytelling; and experience with working across different domains and languages.


Asking a long stream of questions starting with 'why' has led me to study interaction design–I’m particularly interested in preserving a varied emotional landscape in our design processes and to fit our models and frameworks to our lived experience and not the other way around. I want to work towards a world where technology aids emotional intelligence towards ourselves and others.

About my work

If you think we could work together on something, let's chat–in English, French, Italian or Hungarian! You can reach me via email or LinkedIn, or as @rajsaamjulia on Twitter.