icon set - illustration about a digital cloud

Oktafone icon set

Oktafone icon set

A selection from the icon set I designed for an educational startup. The NDA does not allow captions, as well as to show the mockups of different user flows that I made, which showed the placement of the icons.

icon set - color palette and line guide

Oktafone was an organizational educational platform–users could be students as well as teachers. With this in mind we have set out to develop a visual tone that fits both categories, perhaps tilting a bit more to the fun side, because learning should be fun. After creating a few moodboards and a handful of icons for each, we picked a direction and set the visual guide.

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icon set - school levels
icon set - illustration of books
icon set - icons for science areas
icon set - task and exercise icons

And many more!

Oktafone, UI designer, 2016