Point of view - AR game concept

Point of view1

For this game, you need: 2 players, 2 phones, 2 figures and the pop-up paper plane.

The originating concept came from 2 randomly drawn cards: strategic war-games and a shooter game. Their opposite perspectives (map-like overview versus on-foot view) resulted in this combination of a pop-up plane to have an overview of the scene and enter into it through an AR phone app. Since all players use their own phones, these scenes can even be different at the same time!

plain white pop up game plane with 2 colored figures

Game rules

Start by picking a figure. To move around, throw the dice for the number of steps you can take.

The goal is to spot the other figure to win (before they see you first) then move on to the next scene.

IMG_8940 copy

The view to look around is limited and controlled by the phone's accelerometer.

IMG_8937 copy
IMG_8943 copy
IMG_8944 copy
IMG_8950 copy
IMG_8958 copy
IMG_8962 copy

Aaaaaand we have a winner!

The red one won: they stepped into the eyeline of the blue figure first.

Next steps

Design various visuals for the different scenes available.

What if one player saw a city as a cat, and could jump up, while the other would be an ant and go through walls? What if one player saw a jungle and the other would see a glacier? With each change of scenery, they would have to figure out the other's strategy again.

Prototype, prototype, prototype.

Create the app that's connected to the electronics hidden in the paper, to detect the position of the figures. And prototype a game plane (no, several differently shaped game planes!) that actually detects the game positions.

And, like for all games, extensively test different strategies and outcomes until all the rules are clarified.

IMG_8965 copy

Playful Interface workshop by Étienne Mineur

HEAD–Genève, 2017