Prezi templates

When creating a new presentation, many users prefer templates as  easy-to-use quality starting points.

Our metaphor for these designs was ‘the road ahead’.

Creating a prezi template is a challenging task, as one really has to understand the medium and set a visual framework.

There are two main goals: the template should have space for the user’s story and content, but it should be rigid enough that non-designers will also produce a visually professional experience. We had design principles to keep us focused and faciliate the critique sessions while designing these templates.

The Maze is a one-way straightforward template, while the Voyage is more flexible thanks to its rearrangeable, resizable and duplicable elements.

prezi template 2 view 1
prezi template 2 zoom 1
prezi template 2 zoom 2
prezi template 2 elements


prezi template 1 start page
prezi template 1 zoom 2
prezi template 1 elements

Prezi Visual Design Team, intern, 2016
Mentor: Dori Siraly