Nowadays we live and work in many different places. We are always packing and unpacking bags for the office, the gym or the airport. It is stressful to keep all of your things in mind and painful to forget something. For this reason, we have developed ShuQi, to make things follow you. ShuQi allows you to organize your life in packing lists and scan your bag instantly for the most important items. You can leave your home or office without worries.

This project was part of the Chinese Hardware Innovation Camp at HEAD Genève, in collaboration with EPFL.

This map is based on needfinding interviews, which inspired us to pivot from the original direction and audience to the final proposal of the product.

The documentation of our progress in Switzerland was documented in a blog. Here are the links to selected posts:
- The first steps
- Starting the user research
- Product and brand design
- An average week for the team

Our journey in Hong Kong and Shenzhen is documented here.

Team: Axel Collet (HEPIA), Tabea Estermann (HEG), Loïc Fankhauser (HEAD), Julia Racsko (HEAD), Adrien Taboada Cid (HEPIA)

Many thanks to our supervisors and coordinators: René Beuchat, Alexandre Caboussat, Claudio Colucci, Nicolas Montandon, Lysianne Léchot-Hirt, Camille Scherrer and Gordan Savičić.