1/2 Sharing Prezis - Redesign

Objective: Design the new way of sharing presentations with the new customer base of Prezi Business in the center. Moving from education to enterprise users, privacy became a much stronger priority.

The NDA ate the empty textboxes.

As a team of 2 designers, we needed to find the root cause of the problems, rethink the entire function and how is it connected to other parts of the product.

What we did:

We collected and summarized the existing research (interviews, etc) of the problem history in the company, did our own interview and collected the questions they inspired. We also looked at competitor’s solutions and best practices

Then we selected and highlighted the problems to solve and the opportunities to build on: making privacy a top priority by clearly separating different ways of sharing inside the company, with clients, and with the general public. (We used the already existing Prezi personas.)

These functions are collaboration, send and publish.

The main questions for the share dialog were:
How might we give rights to collaborators?
How might we prevent accidental publishing?

What we found is that users will always accidentally publish their prezis. By making it more visible what is private, what is public more prominently on the dashboard, we can minimize this issue.

Then we tailored the design principles to our project, drew wireframes on paper&in Sketch, gathered feedback from the team and moved on to mockups and prototyping, which we then presented to the whole product design team.


A clear separation of sharing functions based on the target audience of the user and easier recovery from accidental sharing. The final product used all of our findings and some UI design suggestions.

How you can arrive to the share dialog:

2/2 Viewer Lite – Embed

The embedded Prezi Viewer Lite was our first directly implemented project. This software enables to view prezis on another platform without leaving the webpage, eg. view a prezi on the New York Times mobile site. Since its launch, the mobile views greatly increased.

Prezi Product Design Team intern, 2016
Mentor: Gabor Hoffer (Flame), Peter Zimon, Marta Fioni
Team: Laszlo Tamas and Julia Racsko