Growth Journey - raising the UX maturity of the company and aligning internal knowledge

Creator journey mapping – 3 2.0 Creator journey – summary


After delivering a major new feature for a new user segment, we took time to look at the foundations of the whole user experience and come up with a new product strategy and roadmap for the next steps.


  • Collect information currently collected within teams
  • Arrive to a shared understanding of the creator journey
  • Set the foundation to work and move forward in sync with a shared goal

Project duration: January-March 2021


  • The teams within the company did not have a shared understandings of our overall creator and member journey
  • This meant the company couldn’t really select and focus on the same initiative together, since we didn’t prioritise the same problems or often even used the same language (creator or publisher, project or publication, no clear segmentation)


  1. Creator journey workshop: a company-wide workshops to co-create our present customer journey and have a shared overview of the creator jobs, pains and gains
  2. Creator segmentation workshop with sales and marketing to present and discuss our customer segments and commit to using the same language and categories across the board
  3. Creator matrix: a summary of these workshops presented across the company displaying the creator growth stages and segments
  4. Presentation to stakeholders on suggestions and next steps: what problems to prioritise and tackle first across the company (onboarding, growing reach), based on the creator matrix and the product issues that surfaced from the workshops
Screenshot of a digital whiteboard with 3 frames and lots of post-its that are not readable


  • All teams could move forward in unison towards new goals and projects, e.g. the Spotify Open Access integration
  • We learned that the channel-based segmentation didn’t work, lots of creators use multiple channels for the same content
  • The new head of product could easily see what to prioritise next and what's working already

 Many thanks to UX, my dear for the support and guidance on this project!