Hi! I’m Julia, a senior product designer. I work with cross-functional teams in startups and open-source projects from research to development . I enjoy solving tricky problems, like how to align user and business needs, or how to keep independent media alive. I also give talks about our time and attention in the digital economy, and I am a design coach for public interest technology. I like working across different domains and languages (five so far). And illustrating too!

Hi! I'm a curious interaction&visual designer based in Berlin who can combine visual skills with analytical and intuitive thinking. I love working across different domains and languages.

Case studies*

*Like most designers, I do not update my portfolio often enough. If a case study looks like a draft, it probably is! Layoffs suck - thank you for your understanding. You can come back later, or send me an email about it.

To see more–the good, the playful and the weird–follow this link to all projects!

If you want to see more projects–the good, the playful and the weird–follow this link to all projects!

Talks and workshops

My talks and workshops investigate how our digital media environment became so exhausting in the attention economy, and how to design a sustainable one.


You can watch my talk at Interaction 20 (7') or at Beyond Tellerrand (40'). I also spoke at EuroIA, at local meetups, and held a workshop at Mozilla Festival (2012). And you can find the research here.

I also explore how we are formed by interaction design, because I want to live in a world where technology aids emotional intelligence towards ourselves and others, not hinders it. You can read more about my research on the page Attentive Design,  or come to my talk at Interaction20 in Milano!

If you want to work together, let's chat! You can reach me via email or LinkedIn.

If you think we could work together on something, let's chat! You can reach me via email or LinkedIn, or as @rajsaamjulia on Twitter.